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Hai friends, I am rajan from Pondicherry. I have earlier written my first sexual encounter with my aunty few months ago. I have received marvelous response from the readers. With that inspiration I am going to write another real incident which happened a year back and also continuing now. As stated in the previous encounter, I like much to see the women bathing which makes me more excited than even seeing them fucking. Now I and my wife are living in the town street (I don�t want to mention street name as the neighbour house aunty, about whom I had sexual encounter, did not want to mention) where the muslim people�s are in domination. I and my wife who was pregnant (6 months) were first time kept separate after marriage. The house was selected by father, who is a teacher. The house was my fathers colleague�s relative house. On the day of shifting, I noticed an lady noticing me behind from window while arranging things. I did not mistake as it�s a usual to watch the neighbours who come new. Then on the day evening my father introduced me to his colleague, he invited us to his house which is adjacent one, even there is no partition wall in between 2 houses as it was his sister�s house who has settled in Bahrain with husband and the house was in the maintenance of my fathers colleague. I and my father went to his home, his wife that is the lady who watched behind from window came to serve tea for us, just in muslim style by putting saree over her head. She was 34 years which I came to know after. I saw a beautiful structured women with large breasts projecting front and somewhat bulging buttocks. My father then chatted with his colleague, I left to arrange the house works. From then onwards, I also used to watch the window whether she is intentionally seeing. She had one son and one daughter studying V and II std. They daily used to go with their father by 8.30. I used to go to my work after 9 only. The third day I watched her seeing me through window from her bedroom while I was taking my bike. While I saw her she suddenly hide behind window. I came to an conclusion that she is found of guy with good musculature. The days passed like that, one day I felt somewhat feverish and didn�t go for my routine work and stayed at home. It was around 2�o clock, I got up and had the lunch and was watching TV as I felt somewhat relieved. After sometime I heard cloth washing sound from the next house. As my wife was pregnant and sleeping well and my eagerness to see ladies washing clothes (because while washing clothes they used to fold the saree and petticoat revealing thigh and the breasts will visible as the saree will have slid somewhat while washing). Slowly I went towards the sound direction, to my expectation the neighbour aunty was washing clothes in the back of our house. I peeped through the window and was watching her boobs which was jumping inside her blouse with the rhythm of washing. She did not wear ant bra and the petticoat along with saree was folded revealing some part of thigh. This made be aroused and I saw her washing the clothes. It went about 10-15 minutes. After that she turned towards our house, I think she must have watched me seeing through the window. As I was stroking my penis watching her thighs and breasts, I could suddenly hide while she turned towards the window. After few seconds, I again peeped and saw that she was putting all the clothes in a bucket and then went inside the home came after a minute and took a petticoat and towel which was hanging for drying in the back of her house.. I understood that she is going to take bath, I was praying god so that she may take bath in the oustside itself as the bathroom of her house has only one ventilator with glasses which will be difficult for me to peep inside. To my surprise she put the towel and petticoat there itself. She was watching the window occasionally after he first noticed me whether I was peeping or not. As I did not want to loose the chance of seeing a lady taking bath, I instantly hided when she looked towards the window because if she confirms that I was watching she may sometime even go to bathroom and take bath. To my surprise, she took her saree there itself. From the sideview, with her saree removed I could see large hard breasts standing erectly. She then removed her blouse buttons, as soon as she removed all the buttons the breasts got released and some part of it were visible out of blouse. She then loosened her petticoat and laid over her breast and removed the blouse. I was frustated because I could not see her breasts. She then sat on the floor and poured water on her body, she was sitting by side. The water made her petticoat wet and it stuck to her body and revealed the shape of her body. It was making crazy to see her back half opened and thighs. She used to watch the window occasionally. The she took the soap and applied to the open parts of her and cleaned it. She then after looked the window and then removed the petticoat knot and lowered till her hip revealing a breast and standing nipple clearly visible from side and applied soap and washed by pressing and squeezing her breast. I was stroking my penis madly imagining that I was pressing and squeezing her breasts. Then she washed with her hand her treasure parts i.e. vagina with the same by inserting hand inside her petticoat and washed with water. I was only able to watch one of her breasts only nothing else. After finishing bathing she took the new petticoat and untied the wet one. While putting new petticoat from top, she removed the wet one as it was sticking to her body. to my surprise after the wet petticoat fall down, her new petticoat which was hanging from her head covered only upto her hip revealing her buttocks to me for just 2 seconds think. By seeing her buttock my penis exploded at once, such a nice big buttocks. Then she entered into her house and I also became tired and went to take rest. From that day, I used to always peep while I come for lunch in the afternoon and in the evenings and leave days. I had seen her taking bath 3 times but not as free as first one as my wife was awake at all the next times. The days passed and after few days, my wife was taken to her fathers house for delivery after 7 month Valaikappu function. For that function we also invited the neighbour aunty and her husband. While during the function I occasionally used to watch her and sometime I noted that she was also watching me. By the end of the week, Saturday, I had only half a day working on second Saturdays of month, I came to home by 2.30 and had my lunch. As my wife was not in the house, I had not even company to speak, I felt bored and watching TV. After sometime I heard the sound of the buckets from the aunty house, I at once went near the window and peeped through it. Aunty was preparing to take bath, to my atmost surprise she brought the bucket full of water towards my house side and kept it there. I was in more excitation that she is going to take bath just only 3 feets away (there was only 2 feet gap between both houses) from me so that I could watch her closely, normally she used to take bath at the other side which will be around 25 feet from the window. She then as usual removed her dress and started to take bath by facing towards the window and sitting over another bucket. This made me difficult to peep so that I may be caught but I was also happy because eventhough I get occasional chance to peep I was able to view upto her inner thigh as she was sitting facing me and spreading the legs. I was in very excitement and my penis was already erect to its full position. She often watched the window while pouring water, with her looks I understood that she is trying to seduce me, but I had no courage to approach her as I have promised my wife in the first night that I will be truthful in future to her (I have also told the truth of fucking my relative aunty before marriage). She then untied her petticoat knot and slid her petticoat to hip revealing such a large, round, breasts in front of me. I was madly stroking seeing her breasts. She was putting soap to her breasts, pressing and squeezing it as if seducing actions in films seeing the window occasionally. She was massaging her breasts for long time which she does not do while usually taking bath. To my atmost surprise, she then took her petticoat from down and raised it to hip revealing her cleanly shaved vagina and put the soap for cleaning. She put a finger in her vagina partition and saw the window and was finger fucking herself. By seeing it aslo I didn�t get courage. She after few minutes washed her with water and for changing petticoat still came near to window just 1 feet away and showing her back changed the petticoat. As she was facing opposite side, i got courage and started to stroke my penis by standing back the window not hiding. She left the wet petticoat down and the new petticoat was just standing above her buttocks bulge. By seeing her buttocks just a feet away, I got very aroused and stroked madly, my sperm just spurted from my penis and shoot out on her buttocks in front me. Suddenly she sensed and turned towards the window and caught me naked stroking my penis. She smiled and from her buttocks took my sperm in finger and tasted it as if seducing me. 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